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3rd year CS Ph.D. student at UChicago.
Co-advised by Prof. Ben Y. Zhao and Prof. Heather Zheng.
 Curriculum Vitae


  • Best paper award, ACM SenSys 2019 [1 out of 144 submissions]
  • NSF Travel Grant Award, ACM MobiCom 2019
  • Elaine K. Bernstein Women in Science Award, UChicago
  • McCormick Fellowship, UChicago
  • Finalist award (Project: mRehab), New York State Dept. of Health Aging Innovation Competition
  • Best paper runner-up award, ACM SenSys 2018 [5 out of 147 submissions]
  • UB's Cambridge Undergraduate Scholar
  • ACM Richard Tapia Celebration Scholarship
  • UB CSE Departmental Research Award [2 out of 1191 graduates]
  • 2nd Place Award, Aging Innovation Challenge, UB Blackstone LaunchPad
  • UB CURCA Research Award
  • Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar [657 out of over 18,000 attendees]
  • NSF Student Attendance Scholarship
  • Dean's List, 2015 and 2017
  • 3rd Place Award, Mathematic Contest of Guangdong [Provincial level award]


  • User Authentication via Electrical Muscle Stimulation [pdf] [video] [website]
    Y. Chen, Z. Yang, R. Abbou, P. Lopes, B. Zhao, H. Zheng
    ACM CHI 2021
    Yokohama, Japan, April 2021

  • WaveSpy: Remote and Through-wall Screen Attack via mmWave Sensing [video]
    Z. Li, F. Ma, A. S. Rathore, Z. Yang, B. Chen, L. Su, W. Xu
    IEEE S&P 2020
    San Francisco, US, May 2020

  • FerroTag: A Paper-based mmWave-Scannable Tagging Infrastructure [link]
    Z. Li, B. Chen, Z. Yang, H. Li, C. Xu, X. Chen, K. Wang, W. Xu
    ACM SenSys 2019
    New York, US, November 2019
    Best paper award, 1 out of 28 accepted papers from 144 submissions

  • SpecEye: Towards Pervasive and Privacy-Preserving Screen Exposure Detection in Daily Life [link]
    Z. Li, A. S. Rathore, B. Chen, C. Song, Z. Yang, W. Xu
    ACM MobiSys 2019
    Seoul, South Korea, June 2019

  • E-Eye: Hidden Electronics Recognition through mmWave Nonlinear Effects [pdf] [link]
    Z. Li, Z. Yang, C. Song, C. Li, Z. Peng, W. Xu
    ACM SenSys 2018
    Shenzhen, China, November 2018
    Best paper runner-up award, 5 out of 23 accepted papers from 147 submissions

  • A Smart Environment-Adapting Timed-Up-and-Go System Powered by Sensor-Embedded Insoles [pdf] [link]
    Z. Yang, C. Song, F. Lin, J. Langan, W. Xu
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IOTJ)
    Impact Factor: 9.515

  • Poster: Respiration-based Inclusive User Authentication Enabled by Radio Frequency Sensing [pdf]
    Z. Yang, Z. Li, Y. Zhuang, W. Xu
    ACM MobiSys 2018
    Munich, Germany, June 2018

  • Harnessing Smartphone Technology and Three dimensional Printing to Create A Mobile Rehabilitation System, mRehab: Assessment of Usability and Consistency in Measurement [link]
    S. Bhattacharjya, M. C. Stafford, L. Cavuoto, Z. Yang, C. Song, H. Subryan, W. Xu, J. Langan
    Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation
    Impact Factor: 4.632

  • Towards Batteryfree and Wireless Sensing for Personalized Ultraviolet Exposure Monitoring [pdf] [link]
    *Z. Yang, *Y. Wu, F. Lin, W. Xu (*Co-first author)
    IEEE Sensors Journal (SJ)

  • Understanding User Requirements for the Design of a Home-Based Stroke Rehabilitation System [link]
    L. Cavuoto, H. Subryan, M. Stafford, Z. Yang, S. Bhattacharjya, W. Xu, J. Langan
    Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting
    Philadelphia, US, October 2018

  • R-SAM: A Robust Stroke Rehabilitation System Augmented by Smartphone and Additive Manufacturing [pdf]
    Z. Yang, M. C. Stafford, W. Xu
    ACM Tapia 2018
    Orlando, US, September 2018

  • Assessing the Functionality of A Portable Rehabilitation System Used for Self-Management of Upper Extremity Function by Individuals with Stroke
    S. Bhattacharjya, M. C. Stafford, Z. Yang, C. Song, H. Subryan, L. Cavuoto, W. Xu, J. Langan
    American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference
    Salt Lake City, US, April 2018

  • Empowering a Gait Feature-Rich Timed-Up-and-Go System for Complex Ecological Environments [pdf] [link]
    Z. Yang, C. Song, F. Lin, J. Langan, W. Xu
    Philadelphia, US, July 2017

  • Validation of a Novel Gait Analysis System [pdf] [link]
    Z. Yang, F. Lin, W. Xu, J. Langan, L. Cavuoto, Z. Li, Q. Li
    Philadelphia, US, July 2017


  • ACM SenSys 2018, Shenzhen, China (slide) [pptx]
  • ACM Tapia 2018, Orlando, US (poster) [pdf]
  • UB Cambridge Scholars Program, University of Cambridge, UK (slide) [pptx]
  • Celebration of Student Academic Excellence 2018, SUNY Buff alo (poster) [pdf]
  • SUNY Annual Undergraduate Research Conference 2018, Rochester, US (poster)
  • WiSE Accepted Students Day, SUNY Bu ffalo (live demo)
  • Celebration of Student Academic Excellence 2017, SUNY Bu ffalo (poster)
  • ACM/IEEE CHASE 2017, Philadelphia, US (slide & poster) [pptx] [pdf]

E-Eye: Hidden E-device Recognition Through mmWave Nonlinear Effects

Hidden e-devices can be dangerous (e.g., disguised bombs & evasdropping).
Current solutions: cost-inefficient & invasive (e.g., x-ray imaging).
Low-cost & portable mmWave probe inducing the nonlinear response of e-devices.
Fine-grained signal analysis for extracting the e-devices' identitities.
Well-designed evaluation with various attack schemes.

SITUG: Sensor-equipped Insole Based TUG Analysis

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in older population.
TUG: A balance assessment widely used to estimate fall risk.
Current TUG systems: bulky & unhandy (e.g., multi sensor attachments).
Wearable sensor-embeded insole for data sampling.
User-friendly smartphone app (i.e., real-time instructions & reports).
Competent TUG data analysis in cloud server.

mRehab: A Rehabilitation System Powered by 3D-printing Augmented Smartphone

Impairments following stroke is one of the leading causes of disability.
Patients have low adherence on at-home rehab exercise programs.
Current situations: static, tedious setup & lack of informatic reports.
mRehab [Project website]:
ADL orientated: Activities of Daily Living is great for functional recovery.
Smartphone: Real-time visual, audio rehab instructions and reports.
3D-printing: Reshape the rigid form of smartphone for ADL simulation.
Smartphone + 3D-printing: Customizable, portable & informatic rehab tools.

Batteryfree & Wireless Personal UV Exposure Tracker

UV exposure is strongly related to a variety of ocular and skin diseases.
Existing exposure trackers target at unobtrusive and in-situ monitoring.
The constraint is the limitation of battery capacity.
Batteryfree is challenging due to the power-hungry sensors & wireless transit.
The first self-powered prototype for wireless UV exposure tracking.

Inclusive User Interface via Respiration Analysis

Keyboards and mouses are not applicable for users with disabilities.
Solutions are lack of stability &/ privacy-preservation.
- (e.g., brain-computer interface & eye movements)
Respiration is a universal, inconspicuous & controllable physiology feature.
This study presents a proof-of-concept respiration-based inclusive interface.
A RF radar is deployed for respiratory sensing in a secure manner.

Customizable Framework for Mobile Health Studies

Smart health is increasingly utilized in medical studies.
Researchers struggle with having the proper smart health applications.
Customizable framework:
Researchers customize applications by designing simple study packages.
A study package contains common-use files (Json & CSV).
The framework auto configures the packages into the desired apps.

Validation of Sensor-equipped Insole Using VICON

Tablet Based Motor Learning Analysis

User Authentication via In-ear Sensing

Server-free Smoking Cessation Development